Freshwater fishing, half day

  • learn about freshwater fishing
  • suitable for everyone who wants to fish
  • beautiful nature

Daytrip to Bymarka

  • Amazing view of Trondheim
  • Guided hike where you will learn about the local flora and fauna
  • tram to and from Bymarka

Flowe decoration

  • Learn how to make unique bouquets and decorations
  • Create your own decoration / bouquet for yourself or as a gift

Fishing trip by boat

  • Large Comfortable Fishing Boat
  • Instruction On The Best Way To Clean And Prepare Your Fish
  • One Of A Kind Fishing Adventure

Blomsterdekorasjons kurs

  • Lær hvordan du lager unike buketter og dekorasjoner
  • Lag din egen dekorasjon/bukett til deg selv eller som gave

Fly Fishing Trip 8 Hours

  • Great experience for beginners or season fisherman
  • Opportunity to learn about fly fishing
  • Experience the great outdoors

Farm visit

  • visit a local farm
  • learn about the lifestyle
  • enjoy a delicious local treat