We’ve made it nice and easy to create an Activity with Pick Your Day with our Activity form, but here are some extra pointers to remember.

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. What will help them pick your Activity? Describe as best as you can the experience, and reassure them by providing key information about equipment you will provide, or items they need to bring to participate.

Good customer service makes all the difference. For example, if your activity is a large event that takes place over many hours, it would be good to provide some snacks and refreshments. Including these options or services can help guests make the right choice to book with you. Equally, if you require guests to bring their own packed lunches, then state this clearly. The main goal is to give clear information and avoid any unwanted surprises for your guests.

With activities that require certain skills and qualifications, make sure you clearly identify these. If there are certain levels of skill, then take the time to explain what each level means, and what qualifications will enable them to join the activity.

If your activity will bring lots of different people together, or will be for one private party only, then state it. If your activity can be affected by weather or seasonal changes, put it in. The easy rule is: When in doubt, play it safe and include it.

The highlights
In order to let the customers know as quickly as possible what the activity is all about, your the highlights are in focus on your presentation. Make sure you rank them in order of importance as the top 3 will show on the result on searches. 

Your address and the directions
Do not forget to write your address in your presentation. If you will meet the customers for example at their hotel - remember to tell them. You can use the directions field to explain this or any further information that makes it easier for your customers. 

The message field
This field is there for you to give important messages to your customers. This could for example be an emergency telephone number. This will not be visible to the client before they have made the booking with you. If there are no specific messages needed for this activity you can always just say that you look forward to seeing them! 

All your orders are available on your Dashboard under Customer Orders.  By clicking on Current Customer Orders you can view what is Pending, Confirmed, or Cancelled.  Once the activity takes place.  The activity gets moved to Customer Order History so you can view historical data on what activities you hosted the most.  


Pick Your Day guarantees that all Localists receive their payment when an activity is carried out according to the online activity description, and payments have been made through our payment solution. This is also why we stress the importance of making sure any additional services you provide your guests go through Pick Your Day, as we are then able to make sure Localists always receive their money.

Localists will receive their payment on the 20th of the next month after the Activity has been completed. This is through Paypal or via a bank transfer. Once you sign up you can set your prefrences in your Dashboard under My Banking which is in My Profile. This is primarily a security function for the activities guests, who can contact Pick Your Day if they feel that the activity did not match the original description or meet the expectations they had paid for.

Localists set their prices for their own activities. Although Pick Your Day do not take any of this amount, Localists will incur a small transaction fee, (typically between 2-4% depending on the type of bank account/country they reside in).

After completing your activity or experience, guests are invited to write a review that will be visible on your profile. Guests are also entitled to write a review if the Localist cancels and activity or fails to show up to an event.

As part of making sure our review service is an open and honest platform, it is not possible for Localists to delete or edit their own reviews. However, Localists can always contact us if they believe a review is inaccurate. Pick Your Day will then establish contact with both parties and try to resolve the issue.

Any personal attacks or threatening reviews made towards a Localists will be removed by Pick Your Day and the appropriate action will be taken.

When a Localist receives a booking request from a potential guest, they should receive an answer either confirming or rejecting the request within 48 hours.

When you confirm a booking Pick Your Day sends out an automatic email to the customer confirming the the date, time, number of people, price and meeting point, that you have confirmed. 10 days before the activity is going to start. The customer receives a final booking confirmation from you that includes, your phone number, address to the meeting point and directions.  If the booking is less than 10 days in advance, this information is sent to the Customer, right after you have confirmed the booking.  

Using our messaging service, guests may want to contact you with extra questions or more information. We advise all Localistss to make sure they regularly check their inbox and do their best to respond to queries in good time. It is often the difference between a gaining a loyal customer, a killer review, and a missed opportunity.

 It is important that all dialogue, inquiries and questions are communicated via the Pick Your Day platform. This communication platform is visible to our staff and enables us to help you should a dispute arise. Violations of this can lead to expulsion.

If the guest decides to cancel their booking with more than 14 days before the activity begins they are legible for a refund and the Localist does not receive a payment. Cancelling with less than 14 days before the activity, Localists will receive the full payment amount.

If you as a Localist cancel any activity you will not receive any payment for doing so. Please note that your cancellation rate will be adversely affected and may make you less attractive for orders in the future, so always do your best to provide accurate, up to date information on your activity page, and for example, make or plan changes in between bookings to help avoid any dissatisfied customers.

Force Majeure

If an event arises that is entirely out of a Localists control then they have the opportunity to cancel a reservation.