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The Great English Outdoors-man, with a bit of petrol head mixed in. I will be providing fun activities, catering to people from all walks of life.
For the family; I do a great day fishing trip on the River Ouse, which along with great fishing you have a chance to experience life on the UK rivers, as we will no doubt have to pass through a few locks(very fascinating for the kids and adults alike), which you will have to help to navigate.

I also offer a skeet shooting trip, which is open for any family or group, however the minimum recommended age will be 18. This is great fun for office staff, and is a great team bonding and building exercise.

Lastly i offer a drift session for groups of any age. This is for the petrolheads, as we use a dizzying array of high powered cars to expertly drift around Santa Pod. You get to be the 'willing' passenger, as we reak havoc on tyres

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Activities provided by James

Fishing on the River Ouse

  • Excting fishing
  • Beautiful nature from the river
  • Wild life

Skeet Shooting Day trip for Groups

  • learn and practice shooting
  • friendly competitions
  • Great teambuilding

Tandem Drifting Experience at Santa Pod

  • Driving Lesson by experts
  • adrenalin filled competition
  • Learn drifting like a pro