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Hi. i am Nicholas.
I represent PickYourDay in Africa.
I am born and raised in Nairobi. I love Africa, and have travelled and stayed in East, West and south Africa. I have an in-depth understanding of our culture, streets and the hidden gems. I'd like to help to ensure that you get the best experience whilst you are in Africa, in a non-tourist way... :)
I enjoy a cold beer with a roast goat.

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Activities provided by Nicholas

Nightlife in Mombasa

  • Amazing Beach bars
  • good dance music all night long
  • Affordable local beers and spirits

Visit a Local Family in Mombasa

  • Experience a Local Lifestyle
  • Visit a local household
  • Prepare and enjoy Local traditional food

Local Village Experience in Beira

  • Explore first Hand Village Experience
  • Enjoy meeting the villagers
  • Interaction with local fishermen