Mombasa, Kenya


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Thank you for choosing to go on this tour with me. My name is Francis but my friends call me Frank and I am Kenyan by birth and have lived in Mombasa for as long as i can remember. I am proud to show you my beautiful city and want you to leave Mombasa with enjoyable and amazing memories.

As much as I have built a career in the finance industry, I have always had a passion for showing people my beautiful city. I specialise in local tourism. I will take you to some of the most magnificent places and enjoy an authentic local experience in a less touristy way. I look forward to having you over and sharing stories about what we are going to do next.

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Activities provided by Francis

Kisumu Museum Half-Day Tour

  • Visit the Luo heritage and culture
  • Largest snake in Kisumu and other types of snakes
  • See different fish at the Aquarium

Local Beach Life

  • Enjoy busking in the sun on the beach
  • Have a great experience meeting with locals
  • Swim in the Indian Ocean