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I was born in Siem Reap, in the heart of Angkor. I am a professional English Speaking Guide in Siem Reap. My team and I would like to share our love for this beautiful and interesting place. We would like to show you hidden gems, famous spots, local culture and the daily life in the villages. Our dream is to share an unforgettable experience and fun together with you.

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Activities provided by Hean

Cambodian Countryside Bike Tour

  • off the beaten tracks.
  • Best way to experience Cambodian daily life
  • Interacting with the locals

Angkor Wat Bike Tour

  • World famous Angkor Wat and its breathtaking Temples
  • Escape the crowds with your local guide
  • Explore Hidden Temples in the Jungle

Cambodia National Park Hiking Tour

  • Visit the hidden Untouched Temple
  • Swim in a tropical waterfall
  • peaceful unique atmosphere