We're sorry if you host an event and your guests stand you up without cancelling through the appropriate channels. The good news is that you will still receive your payment for the experience as if it had actually happened, so there will be no financial loss for all your hard work and planning.

If after completing an experience, a guest appeals to Pick Your Day to argue that they did not get the experience they paid for, the Pick You Day's quality control department will go through the dispute and help find a solution.

Should you have a bad experience with a guest, we ask that it be reported to us via support@pickyourday.com as soon as possible. Pick Your Day can exclude any guests with repeated complaints from Localists and will always do our best to make sure that we keep our community safe and happy.


Should any unforeseen events emerge that require a modification of a reservation that has already been confirmed, we recommend that you contact your guests via the contact form in the booking as soon as possible.

Please note that such actions can result in lower feedback scores if your guests feel that either their booking or experience is not what they originally had signed up for. Guests are also entitled to write a review even if the event is cancelled, especially in the cases of last minute cancellations or if a Lcoalist fails to show up for an activity. Always do your best to provide the most accurate decriptions of activities, and try to plan any changes you make in between bookings, as this will help avoid any dissatisfied customers.

If for some reason you cannot reach your guests, the safest option is to stick to the original agreement and meet up at the agreed location at the agreed time. This ensures that you have done your best as a Localist to provide the Activity.

Firstly, attempt to reach your guests via Pick Your Day portal. In real life, sometimes things go wrong. Perhaps a guest is simply delayed, or has run out of battery on their mobile - so it's a good idea to wait a little longer at the agreed meeting point. It might end up being a great experience so have patience, and even if worst comes to worst and they don't show, you still get your payment.

You pay nothing for being Localist through Pick Your Day. It's 100% free to join our community and host as many experiences as you like. Aren't you lucky!

If you want to offer experiences or activities at Pick Your Day you can begin your registration by clicking here. It's super quick to get up and running, and 100% free.

What makes Pick Your Day so easy to use is that our Hosts don't have to worry about customers paying them. It's all taken care of even before your experience begins. Your guests have already transferred their money to Pick Your Day and even if they don't actually turn up, you will still get your money. We guarantee all Hosts get paid as long as and payment is made through our Payment solution, and you provide an experience that accurately honours your online activity page description.

Payment will be completed on the 20th of the next month after the activity was hosted.  Pick Your Day will then transfer the payment into your account. Please note that depending on your personal bank services there may be some time variation before the money reaches your account.  Payment will be made either through Paypal or via a wire transfer.  You can update these settings in your Dashboard, by clicking on My Profile, and then clicking on My Banking. 

We recommend that any service or additional add on services you provide go through our payment system, as we cannot help you with any transactions or disputes that go outside these channels.

Should you encounter problems of any kind, please contact our Pick Your Day Customer Service at support@pickyourday.com.

If you wish to change your status from a Localist to customer with Pick Your Day, please e-mail support@pickyourday.com