When booking an activity from one of our Localists, all bookings are made as a “Booking Request”. You select the number of people and a time, go to our checkout page and input your credit card details and click on “Confirm Booking Request”

Pick Your Day will then contact the Localist who then has 48 hours to either accept or decline your order. As soon as this has been done you will receive a confirmation via e-mail and also in your Dashboard.

If you want to change a reservation after it is confirmed by the Localist you have the opportunity to ask about this via the contact form attached to your reservation.

If you fall into the unfortunate situation that you have to cancel a reservation, the following rules apply:

  • Guests that cancel with more than 14 days before the activity will be refunded 80% of the total amount.
  • With less than 14 days before the activity, guests do not receive a refund. The money goes to the Localist.
  • If a Localist cancels an experience the guest is refunded the entire deposit.

With all of our request bookings, the money payment is reserved, but no payment will be charged until the Localist confirms the order. If the booking is canceled the money is returned immediately.

Please note that this transaction may be slightly delayed depending on your individual bank service. Any refunds may slightly deviate due to currency fluctuations.

None of your payment information is shared with the Localist.

For more information, see our rules for changing or cancelling an order.

After completing your activity, you have the opportunity to write a review about your experience. Your words form the foundation of the Pick Your Day rating system, and help others decide on whether choosing the activity in the future. Please make sure that you do not include any personal information about yourself or the Localist in the review. 

Language settings can be found on the bottom right hand corner of our website.  Currently our website is translated fully in English, and parts of it are available in Norwegian, Russian and Spanish. Look for more languages to appear in the future.  

Pick Your Day uses $US Dollars as the transaction currency. We list different country currency to have transactions in, but please note that minor differences may occur due to currency fluctuations when making payments or receiving refunds as all payments are finalized in $US Dollars.