Surrounded by Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, Cambodia is the real jewel in this part of Asia, which, thanks to a turbulent political past for visitors, has become attractive only a few years ago.

Although each trip to Asia requires great patience and an adventurous spirit, after initial adaptation to the rich but "different" Cambodian culture, it will return you multiple times.

For beginners, we present three destinations worth a visit: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and the Gulf of Thailand.

 Siem Reap

Last year, Siem Reap, a small town in the north-west of the country, visited cca 2 million people. They all wanted to see a thousand years old Angkor temple.

The biggest attraction of Cambodia really deserves it, and you need to visit it for a few days. You'd better do that with the help of a localist.

When the complex of temples is closed, visit the colorful night market where you can get outdoor massage or pedicure with the help of miniature fish.


Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia is home to 1.5 million people who are shining with their energy and optimism with spirits of the past.

Testimonies of  Red Khmer people misdoings can not be avoided, so you can confront with them in the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide, where 14,000 Cambodian captives were robbed.

You should also visit the famous "Fields of Death" where mass executions and burnings were carried out.

Keep in mind that these sights are not for those bad nerves.

When you decide to relax after such sightseeings, visit the Central Marketplace (Phsar Thmei) that dates back to the period of French colonization and the Russian Market (Phsar Tuol Tom Pong).

Both are full of handicrafts, "second hand" clothes and various fripperies.

The Royal Palace and the National Museum will give you a peaceful enjoyment over the chaotic streets.


Coast of the Gulf of Thailand

Beautiful beaches are the largest attractions of the southwest of Cambodia. In fact, this part of the country was popular even among French colonizers.

However, the revitalization of the coastal area is not yet over by the reign of the Red Khmer, so there is a great chance that you will find here a combination of glamor and complete misery.

What does not depend so much on political and economic opportunities are beautiful beaches with white sand and coconut palm trees, and there are also about 60 islands of unreal beauty in the vicinity.

The rich marine world makes this area ideal for divers, and it is worth to try Cambodian specialties with seafood.