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  • Learn to make Swahili cuisine
  • How to make Pilau and Biriani
  • Delicious Lyonaise chips dipped in butter
  • Learn how to make a 3 course Swahili meal
  • Learn about the spices we use as medicine

Pick up

You will be picked up at your hotel

What to Expect

Join me and my team to learn how to cook delicious traditional Swahili dishes. You will have a great cooking experience and we will be using local ingredients to make these mouthwatering dishes. This is a lesson you will live to remember.

Spices, colour and seafood are the bases for these delicious dishes and. I would love for you to experience the feeling of making a perfect biriani rice and beef stew seasoned with sea salt.

This class is very engaging and would leave you wanting to learn more. All I can say is that cooking is an art and you are the artist. Come let us practice this art together and enjoy a wonderful meal after that

What is included

  • Ingredients
  • Culinery equipment
  • Cookbook
  • Additional food
  • Transfer from/to hotels in Nairobi

What to bring

  • Chef apron
  • Camera
  • Good mood

About your Localist


Thank you for choosing to go on this tour with me. My name is Francis but my friends call me Frank and I am Kenyan by birth and have lived in Mombasa for as long as i can remember. I am proud to show you my beautiful city and want you to leave Mombasa with enjoyable and amazing memories.

As much as I have built a career in the finance industry, I have always had a passion for showing people my beautiful city. I specialise in local tourism. I will take you to some of the most magnificent places and enjoy an authentic local experience in a less touristy way. I look forward to having you over and sharing stories about what we are going to do next.


  • English

$ 25 p.p. if 3

Max 3 People

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