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  • Discover the best of the Indian film industry aka Bollywood
  • Meet an independant film maker
  • Meet film students
  • Learn a lot more about the genre then just song and dance

What to Expect

A fantastic experience to discover the likes of festival winning Bollywood films and critically acclaimed pictures and meet other like-minded people in a relaxed environment!

What is included

  • Bollywood film screening
  • Film discussion
  • Film critique and wonderful snacks to keep you going

What to bring

  • 18+

About your Localist


I am a film student with a passion for cooking.

I have my own restaurant back home in India and would love to introduce people to traditional Indian food.

The curry houses here serve such a sad version of Indian food that I decided to join in and show people the real deal.

Indian food is so versatile and with the world going vegetarian and vegan, Indian food is the go to place. We have lentils and pulses to satisfy your vegetarian protein dreams and we play with vegetables like no one else does.

And my family restaurant was the inventor of Butter Chicken, so I know what to do in the kitchen!


  • English

$ 54 p.p.

Max 10 People

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