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  • Meet the amazing ostriches
  • Eat Wild Game meat
  • Enjoy Beautiful nature
  • Beautiful garden in the large farm

What to Expect

Have you ever wanted to ride an ostrich and see them up close? I will show you the beautiful park and we will see the farm grounds. We will see the ostriches at the different stages in life and even feed them. If we are lucky there are some cute ostriches babies!

We will have a delicious lunch at the farm, where you are able to try ostrich meat. The farm is set in 200 acres of rolling grasslands, and has supplied Kenya and overseas countries with meat, feathers, skins, and livestock since 1991.

This is a family activity and can be enjoyed by both the young and youthful. People from all walks of life continue to experience this giant sized bird and believe you me, your friends will never believe that you actually had the courage to do something completely different.

What is included

  • Professional Tour guide
  • Delicious Lunch at the farm
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Transfer Included

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Good walking shoes
  • Comfortable and warm clothes
  • Good apetite

About your Localist


A fun and results-driven individual with 4 years’ hands-on experience working at popular restaurants. Track record of providing leadership, guidance and support to culinary staff. Well-versed in preparing local Kenyan menu items and recipes in keeping with production and quality standards. A dynamic individual who is easy to work with... I am very fun to work with and we shall have so much fun preparing these dishes together.


  • English

$ 100 p.p.

Max 4 People

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