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  • Burn up to 1500 kcal in 50 minutes
  • Jumping fitness class, have fun whilst getting fit!!

What to Expect

'Jumpingwithus' was born by two crazy, passionate sport loving ladies, who decided to create their own working environment, where they can invest their endless positive energy, share great ideas and have some fun at the same time introduce their passion to England by giving people an idea about Jumping...

What is included

  • 50 min work out session with your own fitness trampoline
  • Jumping Fitness qualified instructor

What to bring

  • Gym wear
  • Comfortable trainers
  • Water bottle and towel

About your Localist


  • English

$ 16 p.p.

Max 20 People

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Contact Andrea

1. Booking Request

When you click on Booking Request you submit the time and date you want the activity to start.

2. Payment

The Localist must respond within 48 hours. We authorize your card for the full amount, but you will not be charged for the activity until the Localist has accepted the booking.

3. Security for you

Funds are not sent to the Localist until after the activity has been completed, so you do not have to worry about your money disappearing.

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