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  • Get fit as you have fun
  • Meet new people
  • Challenge your stamina
  • Cardio with a professional trainer
  • Light weight training

What to Expect

Being fit has never been so fun. Come and join me at my local gym where we will do aerobics and have so much fun whilst keeping fit at the same time. Meet friendly people and share ideas on how to be more healthier... It's fun all the time.
Why should you skip gym-time just because you are away from home? Our trainers will make sure you have a great day.

What is included

  • Local Trainer
  • Entrance Fee
  • 1 liter Bottled Water
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Transfer Included

What to bring

  • Gym Towel
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Gym Bag

About your Localist


I have lived in the Ngong area all my life and have had the greatest moments knowing about travel and local tourism. This has led me to set up a variety of activities that are definitely going to make your experience one of a lifetime.I love to share the beauty of Kenya's culture and nature with my visitors, and I welcome you to join me on these amazing tours and field trip adventures suitable for individuals, small groups and families alike. All are welcome.


  • English

$ 38 p.p.

Max 3 People

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Contact Denise

1. Booking Request

When you click on Booking Request you submit the time and date you want the activity to start.

2. Payment

The Localist must respond within 48 hours. We authorize your card for the full amount, but you will not be charged for the activity until the Localist has accepted the booking.

3. Security for you

Funds are not sent to the Localist until after the activity has been completed, so you do not have to worry about your money disappearing.

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