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  • The most zoned-out from London city life
  • It’s incredible to think that everyday items can create something so beautiful.
  • In this workshop you will be guided by our Paper Cutting artist

What to Expect

The most zoned-out from London city life that you’ll ever be is what we guarantee in this paper cutting workshop. It’s incredible to think that everyday items can create something so beautiful.

In this workshop you will be guided by Stacey, our Paper Cutting artist, in creating your own paper cut design using either a design you’re influenced by or you can use one of the many templates provided in the workshop. You can either frame your one of a kind paper cut design after the workshop or scan your artwork for printing wedding invitations, Christmas cards, christening invites, baby announcements or designs for clothing.

You’ll be given lots of tips in the workshop on how to do these. Everything you need is included in this workshop including a protective film for you to take your artwork home.

Stacey is a paper cut artist from East London who has had work featured in several publications and has run workshops for organisations such as The Affordable Art Fair. She has exhibited in London, Canada and Norway with exciting projects in the pipeline! She is also a UK artist for international shoe company TOMS.

All levels welcome!

What is included

  • All materials including a protective envelope for your design

What to bring

  • A keen attitude to learn

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We’re a friendly lot who are partial to a bit of old-fashioned craftsmanship with a modern twist. If your undiscovered creative side is simply yarn-ing to get out, then join one of our craft workshops where crafty souls can congregate to do just that. Expect to learn new skills, show off creations and have a lot of fun all at an affordable price.

With a friendly, small group, some top-notch guidance and a nice cup of tea, you’ll learn all the basics and leave with some goodies that you’ve made too.


  • English

$ 57 p.p.

Max 6 People

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