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  • You will learn the basics of silver jewellery making using sterling silver
  • An excellent introductory workshop to silver jewellery making without spending a fortune on an intensive course

What to Expect

This is a 2.5 hour practical silver jewelry making workshop where you will learn the basics of silver jewelry making using sterling silver. Its an excellent introductory workshop to silver jewelry making without spending a fortune on an intensive course. You will turn a strip of sterling silver into a beautiful precious ring with a choice of textures, shapes and sizes to allow for creativity and to make it unique to your own style. You will end the class setting a stone in your ring for added elegance. There is an option for our tutor to take your item home to have it gold plated or rose gold plated. Please enquire about the cost to have this done.

You will learn how to use various jewelry making tools to manipulate the silver into shape and add texture to your ring whilst learning how jewellers polish their jewelry and set a stone in rings.

The techniques covered in this Silver Jewelry Making class
– How to add textures to silver
– Sawing
– Sanding and polishing
– How to handle and work with silver
– How to insert a stone setting to a ring
– Tools and resources

The process is easily repeated at home with just a few few inexpensive tools you could be on your way to creating a handful of beautifully elegant rings.

What is included

  • A piece of sterling silver to make your ring and one gemstone.

What to bring

  • A Keen attitude to learn new skills

About your Localist


We’re a friendly lot who are partial to a bit of old-fashioned craftsmanship with a modern twist. If your undiscovered creative side is simply yarn-ing to get out, then join one of our craft workshops where crafty souls can congregate to do just that. Expect to learn new skills, show off creations and have a lot of fun all at an affordable price.

With a friendly, small group, some top-notch guidance and a nice cup of tea, you’ll learn all the basics and leave with some goodies that you’ve made too.


  • English

$ 83 p.p.

Max 10 People

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