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  • An amazingly uplifting and fun experience!
  • A musical journey to Africa.
  • Inspire increased synergy, camaraderie and well-being.
  • A team-building drumming event!

What to Expect

Let this amazing african drumming experience help you to create an uplifting session for you through the transformational power of rhythm – a musical journey to Africa and a team-building drumming event!

Let us help you create wonderful music together to help inspire increased synergy, camaraderie and well-being.

As the team begins to play music together a common language emerges and communication improves. It's easy, fun and anyone can do it!

Join us and see our African drums, musical experience and passion!

What is included

  • Inclusive of djembe drum hire!
  • 2-hour workshop.
  • Opportunity to perform with amazingly talented African drummers!

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Come dressed in African colours if you wish!
  • Camera for photos and selfies.

About your Localist


We aim is to promote a sense of community spirit, wellbeing and positive healing through the transformational process of group rhythm. The African Drumming community providers amazing fun Traditional African drumming dance & performance. Let us come to you bringing Joy, rhythm and healing!


  • English

$ 23 p.p.

Max 23 People

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