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  • Beehive Making
  • Storytelling
  • Eco-build
  • Workshops around outdoor Fireplace

What to Expect

Beehive making with Clay, manure and sand...Learn how to be one with the bees in this natural setting away from urban life. With a complimentary herbal tea brewed in the great outdoors made with locally grown herbs. Learn all about natural beehive making and more.

What is included

  • Herbal tea made from locally grown herbs
  • Beehive Expert

What to bring

  • Water
  • Old clothes
  • Comfortable shoes

About your Localist

Anna Lou

Our Nature Project was set up in spring 2010. The land has been designated for community use by the NHS and is being managed as a community garden, orchard and wildlife site by local volunteers.

The site offers a safe, peaceful and inspiring natural setting to simply enjoy being in nature, to meet people, to get involved in many different activities and to learn new things. The project aims to promote the health, wellbeing and creativity of the local community, provide learning experiences and build a sense of community. The project also aims to protect and enhance a unique and rare wildlife habitat in London.


  • English

$ 4 p.p.

Max 13 People

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