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  • Professionally taken photos
  • Networking with Creatives
  • Beautiful art Show

Meeting point

We will meet at UN Plaza

What to Expect

Come on Join me this Friday and Sunday the 8th and 10th At the Spring break Art Show. I will be bringing my CANON and creating instagram moments for all of us. We will get behind the scenes video and create an experience you won't forget. Come out to...

What is included

  • Admission to Art exhibit
  • Behind the scenes Video of the Experience
  • 2-3 professionally edited photos each

What to bring

  • Dress to impress
  • Bring your personality

About your Localist


As an accomplished traveler and lover of the arts, I want to bring those exclusive events and curated looks to people that are interested. While you are creating content you can also mingle with like minded people that share your creative interests. Travel with Leaux.


  • English

$ 54 p.p.

Max 1 People

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