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  • Driving Lesson by experts
  • adrenalin filled competition
  • Learn drifting like a pro

What to Expect

Tandem drifting experience in our High Powered Lexus cars around Santa Pod.
We cater for beginners up to the advanced. Our instructors were among the first people in the UK competitively drifting and are experts in that regard. They will have you drifting like a pro by the end of...

What is included

  • Tutorials
  • Safety Equipment
  • Refreshments

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothing; preferably long sleeve, and jeans(no shorts), or if you have a race suit please feel free to bring along

Please note

Full driving License
Listen and Follow Instructions
Safety First

About your Localist


The Great English Outdoors-man, with a bit of petrol head mixed in. I will be providing fun activities, catering to people from all walks of life.
For the family; I do a great day fishing trip on the River Ouse, which along with great fishing you have a chance to experience life on the UK rivers, as we will no doubt have to pass through a few locks(very fascinating for the kids and adults alike), which you will have to help to navigate.

I also offer a skeet shooting trip, which is open for any family or group, however the minimum recommended age will be 18. This is great fun for office staff, and is a great team bonding and building exercise.

Lastly i offer a drift session for groups of any age. This is for the petrolheads, as we use a dizzying array of high powered cars to expertly drift around Santa Pod. You get to be the 'willing' passenger, as we reak havoc on tyres


  • English

$ 532 p.p.

Max 10 People

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