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  • visit a cozy old café by the fjord
  • peaceful walk along the fjord
  • stories from the rich history of the area
  • see beautiful nature and exclusive properties

What to Expect

Join me for a peaceful walk along the Trondheim fjord at the paths in the historical district of Lade.

As we walk you will see beautiful nature and exclusive properties. I will also tell you about the rich history from this area. We will have a cosy stop at the old café Sponhuset, and continue to the great Leangen Manor.

During the summer, a walk along the lush path with the calm waves from the fjord rolling gently against rocks and beaches might give associations to places much further south. I guarantee, this walk will help recharge your batteries.

What is included

  • Pastry or waffle with coffee, tea or soda
  • Bus from Lade Allé 80, back to the city centre.
  • Authorized Guide (I will bring ID-card)

What to bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Softshell jacket in case of rain/wind

About your Localist

Tom Erik

My name is Tom Erik (only Tom is fine) and works as a authorized city guide in Trondheim. My main interests are history, architecture, travelling and adventures, a great mix for a position as a authorized guide :-) Trondheim is one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia and has a wide range of historical sights, charming cafe's, exciting shops and architectural treasures. Don't miss them - join me for a guiding in Norway's first capital, founded by the viking king Olav Tryggvason. Be a part of the history!

Please be aware that I work until 4 pm Monday to Friday and will not be available for guiding those hours.


  • English
  • Norsk

$ 109 p.p.

Max 5 People

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