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  • Visit a local home
  • Delicious local dishes
  • Mouth Watering vegan recipes
  • see daily life in Nairobi

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What to Expect

Come and learn how to make lovely Kenyan food with me.

I am Hospitality Major and with my experience and your creativity we will be able to make awesome dishes. I would love to introduce you to some of our local treats and tell you about our life in Kenya. You may have seen all the attractions, but the meeting with locals is a different experience. I live in the peaceful township of Ruai in Nairobi, and you will able to experience our daily life here.

We will have fun and talk while we are making Githeri, Matumbo and Chapatis. Githeri is a Kenyan traditional dish which originates from the Kikuyu tribe but has become popular all across the country. Its a healthy meal and rich in protein. Our national dish is Matumbo, which is a hearty and tasteful stew.
Our great chapatis go well together with the delicious Githeri and tasty Matumbo.

We will enjoy the meal we have made, and you will get great memories and recipes to bring back home.

What is included

  • Ingredients
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Cookbook
  • Hotel Transfer Included

What to bring

  • Chef apron
  • Camera

About your Localist


A fun and results-driven individual with 4 years’ hands-on experience working at popular restaurants. Track record of providing leadership, guidance and support to culinary staff. Well-versed in preparing local Kenyan menu items and recipes in keeping with production and quality standards. A dynamic individual who is easy to work with... I am very fun to work with and we shall have so much fun preparing these dishes together.


  • English

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Jan, 30, 2018

I booked mainly to interact with a local family and for the fun. And we were not disappointed. Monicah was a girl with soul and fire and her family made us feel very welcome. Cooking great fun too. Thanks dear.

$ 38 p.p.

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