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  • Gorgeous gardens
  • Castles and palaces
  • Picturesque passages
  • Secrets and tales of Montjuic

Meeting point

We will meet at The Magic Fountain

What to Expect

Are you coming to Barcelona for an amazing cultural trip but also want to work out? Wanna mix pleasure with some sweet pain?

Come join this tough running tour!

We run up Montjuic - the Olympic Mountain - where I will show you the most gorgeous gardens, the olympic sports...

What is included

  • Water

What to bring

  • Sportswear and sports shoes

Please note

Sportswear and sports shoes

About your Localist


Hello, I‘m Muezz the Swede! Before coming to this gorgeous city called Barcelona, I spent years living and learning languages in China, Japan, Ukraine and Lithuania. I was born and raised in the Nordic moose country Sweden. Growing up in the most ethnically diverse part of the west coast city Gothenburg, I developed a strong hunger for foreign cultures and so I wanted to live them. After school I packed my bags and got lost into the world. Now I am proud to call Barcelona my home and nothing I love more than showing my visiting family and friends what I have discovered here.

The things I spend my time doing is working, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and acting.

Come join me and share an unforgettable experience together!


  • English
  • Swedish
  • Español
  • Lithuanian

$ 4 p.p. if 10

Max 10 People

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Children {{ children }}  
Fee $2
Total $ {{ flat_total_price }}
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