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  • Discover the traditions and social functions of Japanese food in Ueno, Tokyo.
  • This tour takes you to the Ueno area, situated at the north-east center of the city.
  • This unique area is known for its shops and restaurants that maintain a local flare and incorporate the culinary tradition of Japanese cooking.

Meeting point

We will meet at JR Ueno station, outside its Central Gate in front of the huge area map near 'Hard Rock cafe.

What to Expect

Learn about the food scene and culture in Tokyo from our food enthusiasts who will explain the interesting stories behind local delicacies such as 'yakitori'(skewed chicken) and 'gyoza'(fried dumplings with minced meat and vegetables).

What is included

  • 3 to 3 and a half hour guided tour
  • Foods and drink

What to bring

  • camera
  • comfortable shoes
  • umbrella

About your Localist


We are Londoners who are wildly passionate about all the delicious food found around the world.

It is true that English food has a bit of a bad reputation, however we are here to challenge that view. Just wait until you try our food. Once eaten even the most discerning food critic will change their mind!


  • English

$ 137 p.p.

Max 10 People

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