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  • Learn how to count in Kiswahili
  • Learn Basic greetings
  • Learn how to communicate socially

What to Expect

During your stay in Kenya you will find out that Kiswahili is the National language.
Come and let me teach you this beautiful language. The History of Kiswahili is so diverse and i am sure you will enjoy learning it.

The more the brain is used, the better its functions work. Learning a new language structure entails familiarizing with vocabulary and rules, and applying these memorized information into communication. So, what are you waiting for? Come and lets have fun whilst exercising that brain..

Karibuni kwadarasa yaMwlinu Denise.

What is included

  • Kiswahili Tutor
  • Writing Materiel
  • Reading materiel (Take Away)
  • Pick up/drop off your location in Nairobi

What to bring

  • An open Mind
  • Extra writing materiels if need be

About your Localist


I have lived in the Ngong area all my life and have had the greatest moments knowing about travel and local tourism. This has led me to set up a variety of activities that are definitely going to make your experience one of a lifetime.I love to share the beauty of Kenya's culture and nature with my visitors, and I welcome you to join me on these amazing tours and field trip adventures suitable for individuals, small groups and families alike. All are welcome.


  • English

$ 19 p.p.

Max 10 People

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1. Booking Request

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2. Payment

The Localist must respond within 48 hours. We authorize your card for the full amount, but you will not be charged for the activity until the Localist has accepted the booking.

3. Security for you

Funds are not sent to the Localist until after the activity has been completed, so you do not have to worry about your money disappearing.

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