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  • We'll take a few pics on the night that you can keep for free as souvenirs of a awesome night out (or help your memory if it's a bit blurry).
  • Get free entry to three top Paris pubs, bars and 1 club when you join the Paris Bar Crawl.

Meeting point

We will meet at 75018 Paris, France

What to Expect

Drinks are expensive in Paris, so we are sure you will appreciate the three free shots (1 in each bar), one free shot at each venue. Meet up with a friendly bunch of local Parisians, students and backpackers - all ready to meet new people and have a awesome time...

What is included

  • 3 bars and 1 club
  • 3 free shots
  • Discount on drinks all night long

About your Localist


We are Londoners who are wildly passionate about all the delicious food found around the world.

It is true that English food has a bit of a bad reputation, however we are here to challenge that view. Just wait until you try our food. Once eaten even the most discerning food critic will change their mind!


  • English

$ 19 p.p.

Max 50 People

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