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  • Learn about the History of the Zulu people
  • Learn how to exchange pleasantries in my Language
  • Have a delicious Lunch with my Family
  • Learn about Our culture and heritage

Pick up

You will be picked up at your hotel
or we can meet at: Ghandi Square

What to Expect

I would like to welcome you to my Zulu class where I will teach you how to exchange pleasantries and count in Zulu. This is going to be an enjoyable class as I will also teach you about the history of my people and our culture and heritage.

we will...

What is included

  • Trained Local Tour Guide
  • Delicious Lunch in My home
  • Hotel transfer included
  • Transportation
  • Local snacks and bitings

What to bring

  • Walking Shoes
  • Camera
  • Extra money for souvenirs

About your Localist


This will give you a taste of south africa generally.


  • English

$ 20 p.p. if 3

Max 3 People

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2. Payment

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3. Security for you

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