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  • Learn To make Local Cuisine
  • Explore the Shona Culture
  • Enjoy use of Local Herbs
  • Interact with a Shona Family

Pick up

You will be picked up at your hotel

What to Expect

Join me for a fun cooking class experience with my best friend and awesome cooks. You'll learn how to make authentic Zimbabwean dishes in my house in the heart of Harare.

We will definitely have a great cooking experience with as we will be using local ingredients to make...

What is included

  • Trained Tour Guide/ Local Cook
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Preperation Ingridients
  • Transportation
  • Refreshments

What to bring

  • Learning Attitude
  • Good Waliking Shoes
  • Appetite

About your Localist


Hello There,
Welcome to my amazing activities. My name is Farai but you can call me FT as my friends does. I offer quality tours off the beaten track, community-based activities of my beautiful city of Harare. This is where I was born and grew up, I know every nook and cranny here.

I would love to proudly show you around and share our culture. We will have a great time to focus on unique and personal experiences.

I look forward to welcoming you on our awesome tours of Harare.


  • English

$ 22 p.p. if 3

Max 5 People

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