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  • Unique history
  • Great wall art
  • amazing views
  • lovely music

Meeting point

We will meet at Canning Town station

What to Expect

There is a lighthouse in London that hardly anyone knows about. It’s located near the Greenwich peninsula, offering an atmosphere like no other in London.

The lighthouse itself has been transformed into an oasis of calm and contemplation, heaped in history and architecturally rich, there are also the sounds...

What is included

  • Entrance to the lighthouse

What to bring

  • Camera

About your Localist


My name is Tea, I’m 28 from london, grew up here so I know quite a few hidden gems and experiences. I have a PhD in political science and I am a freelance consultant in defence and international relations, currently for USAID and the Kazakh ministry of science and education. I have been a host on the website couchsurfing showing travellers amazing places and now I want to do so on this platform. I am very much into the arts, a foodie, film, great coffee and great bars that offer something fun and memorable.

I have a passion for art, history, travel, the outdoors and for great atmosphere. If you join one of my events, my aim is to bring you a slice of London culture that you can savour and remember. I'm all about making memories, leave the planning and thinking to me, whilst you just attend and enjoy!


  • English

$ 40 p.p.

Max 10 People

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