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  • Secret London stories that normal tours don't know
  • Harry Potter Landmarks
  • Breathtaking views of London from two bridges
  • An impressive walk through the best city spots
  • Learn insider tips on how to easily get around London
  • Local knowledge of the best restaurants and bars
  • Ask anything you want about London to a real local
  • Hidden inner city gems
  • Learn basic greetings and phrases
  • Find out great local spots for bowling & ice-skating

Meeting point

We will meet at Cutter & Squidge

What to Expect

I was born and raised in London and can't wait to show you my city! We will meet at a delicious local café near Piccadilly Circus. Then we'll take a walk through the most famous parts of London and see the incredible view from two of the most...

What is included

  • Sightseeing walk around London's famous Landmarks
  • A close look and info about some real Harry Potter sites
  • A locally edited transport Map of the city
  • A drink from Cutter & Squidge for each person
  • Two hours to ask anything about London to a local

What to bring

  • Open mind and maybe a notebook
  • Good walking shoes
  • If you can bring a Camera you should!

About your Localist


I was born and raised in London and have spent my whole life walking around it's streets. My mum was brought up in Soho, right in the centre, so I know things that normal tours could never tell you. I studied Music and Philosophy at University so if you're from anywhere I'm sure we could have a great chat about life, yourself and the world. I also teach Music in schools so am great being around kids. I always love showing my friends that don't come from London around to secret spots so I thought it made sense to share that with more people! I feel pride for London and am always excited by it every single day, I hope I can take people on an exciting insider's tour around my city!


  • English

$ 22 p.p.

Max 6 People

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