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  • Have an amazing view of Belgrade
  • Experience Belgrade in a unique way
  • the oldest and most beautiful parts of town
  • lovely curvy streets and local life

What to Expect

Join me in our wondrous tour exploring Zemun!

Zemun used to be a sweet little village, but is today a part of Belgrade. You can still feel the lovely village vibe in this part of Belgrade. Zemun is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of town.

Enjoy in...

What is included

  • Mineral water
  • Two hours tour with a local

What to bring

  • Open mind
  • Good walking shoes

About your Localist


Hey, I am Igor, born and raised Belgrade, a curious food loving who loves to travel. As I am from Belgrade, I have a lifetime of experience that can guide you whichever direction you desire as Belgrade does offer almost everything. I am very happy to have such a wonderful and interesting job, showing people what this city has to offer.


  • English

$ 13 p.p.

Max 6 People

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