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  • High-intensity outdoor exercise
  • Exercise in beautiful nature
  • Lots of fresh air
  • Gentle exercise by using your own body weight
  • The forest as a training arena

Meeting point

We will meet at Bekken p plass ved Estenstadhytta

What to Expect

Join me on a fresh outdoor exercise in Estenstadmarka, I promise you high heartrate and lots of fun.

You learn a lot of exercises where we use the body and nature as a training device. This form of exercise minimizes the risk of injury as you do not use heavy...

What is included

  • Exercise schedule with coach
  • Fresh air

What to bring

  • Fitness clothing after weather conditions
  • water bottle

About your Localist

Jan Petter

Experience the city with a friendly local from Trondheim. Choose between walking, biking and running tours in the city centre. Go hiking just outside the city centre, amazing views, fresh air and beautiful forest. Visit a local farm and meet their animals and admire the amazing view over the fjord.


  • English
  • Norsk

Guest reviews (2)

  5.00 / 5.00


Oct, 31, 2018

Fresh outdoor training outdoor, highly recommendable!
You really get your pulse rising and a lot of fresh air in beautiful Estenstadmarka.


Apr, 23, 2019

Amazing outdoor workout. Jan is a great PT and the view over the fjord was great.

$ 14 p.p. if 11

Max 15 People

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