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  • discover hidden gems and beautiful places
  • get to know Trondheim
  • seightseeing with a local
  • visit a cozy café

Meeting point

We will meet at Café Ni Muser

What to Expect

Get to know Trondheim with a local!

We meet at a cozy local cafe in the heart of Trondheim.

We will sit down and talk to get to know eachother before we take a walk. I want to tell you about Trondheim, give you tips about hidden gems, great places...

What is included

  • coffee
  • conversation and citywalk with a local
  • see the known sites in Trondheim

What to bring

  • good walking shoes
  • clothes depending on the weather

About your Localist


Hi !

My name is Elizabeth. I am originally from Kenya but moved to Norway when I was 3 years old, stayed a few years in Oslo before moving to Trondheim at the age of 6, since then I have stayed here. I like meeting new people and have a curiosity about other culture and living ways. I have traveled a little around the world, when I'm abroad I prefer to experience local activities and get to know the locals. It is important for me to blend in instead of just doing typical tourist things with other tourists. Are you like me? Then we have something to talk about


  • English
  • Norsk

$ 27 p.p.

Max 4 People

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