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  • Beautiful coastal landscape
  • Insight into a real fishing village
  • Pleasant, local guide

Meeting point

We will meet at Dyrøy kai

What to Expect

Half-day excursion to the beautiful fishing village Mausund.

We meet at the pier on Dyrøya at 11.00 where there is a fast ferry and ferry crossing to Mausund. When we arrive at Mausund we will be in the municipality's only living fishing village. We take the trip...

What is included

  • Experienced, local guide
  • Guided tour and history of the Mausund fishing village

What to bring

  • Lunch and mineral water

Please note

Boat ticket is not included in the price.

Minimum 2 paying adults. Children are free.

About your Localist


I have lived in Frøya municipality for 30 years, the last seven on the main island. In the past, I lived on the island of Sauøya further out and worked mostly with tourism and farming. I am an author and journalist, and have worked a lot with local history and nature management, as well as guiding. Six years ago I won one of Norway`s most popular reality show, "Farmen".

I would like to share my knowledge of the area, history, nature and wildlife with you, so please come and visit us out here in the big ocean.


  • English
  • Norsk

$ 40 p.p.

Max 15 People

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