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  • Great insight into local cuisine, and its history and culture
  • A variety of wonderful flavours for you to enjoy
  • A friendly and experienced local guide
  • Small group tours, giving you a more intimate experience of Madurai

What to Expect

Join us for a fabulous tasting tour of Madurai's many mouth-watering local restaurants.

Led by a friendly and experienced guide, you'll be visiting different food outlets and discovering a variety of different Indian flavours and cooking styles.

Not only will you leave with a full belly - you'...

What is included

  • All food samples, yummy snacks & delicious drinks
  • 3 hour small group tour
  • A local expert tour guide
  • Mineral water

What to bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A camera
  • An empty stomach

Please note

On this extra special food safari we will be getting around by walking, tuk tuk, and by taking a local bus to experience a different side of Madurai. If you are physically fit and don't mind a bit of walking while you explore the city, then this is the tour for you. Join us and indulge your taste buds with an exploration of Madurai's food scene.

About your Localist


Come with us on a unique, private and interactive walking tours! The purpose of this walks is to provide you an authentic experience of the local lifestyle of people of Madurai, one of the oldest cities in India and is a place of great historical and cultural importance. I am Karthik, and a re a part of a small local guide company. I am born and brought up in Madurai, I have excellent knowledge about my city and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with you during your visit.


  • English

$ 34 p.p.

Max 5 People

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