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  • Watch the Beautiful Game on a big pub screen
  • Learn to chant with the crowd
  • Hear the beautiful football songs
  • Chat with fans and make new mates
  • Learn funny local football jokes
  • Experience the British football fan scene
  • Find out why the locals love bar food and drinks

What to Expect

Unleash your inner football fan. Watch an exciting football game with a local footballer and enjoy tasty British pub food and drinks.

Feel the joy and heartbreak of football games with friendly local fans, make new friends and be part of the local football family.

Connect to the thrill of...

What is included

  • British pub food and drink tastings
  • Football history
  • Valuable advice and recommendations from a local footballer
  • Experience the unique football atmosphere

What to bring

  • Feel free to wear your team's shirt
  • Valid ID required

Please note

Everyone must be aged above any age restrictions for alcohol consumption. The drinks and pub food will be the equivalent of a large meal. If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements please let us know in advance.

About your Localist


Im Very passionate about football, it's my life, i play football everyday! I play for a semi professional club called Leatherhead football club. My dream is to one day play for Manchester United. Come and discover the passion and atmosphere of a football match with your local football expert and London guide!


  • English

$ 47 p.p.

Max 5 People

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