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  • Enjoy an Arsenal football match at a bar with a fan
  • Amazing photo opportunities of amazing crowds
  • Learn about Arsenal's kit colours
  • Hear funny local jokes
  • Meet friendly local football fans
  • Sing beautiful crowd songs

What to Expect

Join me and chant with a welcoming Arsenal crowd while we watch a great Arsenal game in my favourite pub.

There'll be hilarious banter, and lots of great new football friends to meet as we feel all the drama of the game with the locals.

Celebrate each goal with...

What is included

  • An Arsenal game on a large projector screen
  • My favourite pub
  • A local Arsenal fan
  • Talks and lessons on football clubs
  • Local advice on food and drinks

What to bring

  • A football shirt (optional)
  • ID is required for the pub

Please note

Everyone must be aged above any age restrictions for alcohol consumption. The drinks and pub food will be the equivalent of a large meal. If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements please let us know in advance.

Live Match Dates for 2017
Sunday 30th April Spurs V Arsenal 4.30pm
Sunday 7th May Arsenal V ManU 4.30pm
Saturday 13th May Stoke V Arsenal 5.30pm

About your Localist


Hi guys, I am a true football fan and Arsenal supporter and looking to meet other football enthusiasts who would like to join me to watch the game.


  • English

$ 51 p.p.

Max 5 People

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