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  • Over two full days of training you’ll take your photography skills to the next level.
  • This intensive photography course is suitable for people with basic knowledge of how to operate a professional photographic camera.
  • kick-start your photographic journey, whether it’s a hobby or you’d like to become professional in the future.
  • This course will show you the importance of “making” rather than “taking” a photograph.

What to Expect

Would you like to step up your game and become very proficient behind the camera, taking pictures like a real pro? Do you have a passion for photography and need some guidance by expert tutors who can unlock your potential?

If so, then the Advanced Photography Course is for you. This two day course combines complex theory with practical exercises such as location shooting and equipment demos. It will give you the advance tools and techniques you need to create the professional and creative photographs you’ve dreamed of taking. Above all, this course will show you the importance of “making” rather than “taking” a photograph.

Led by experienced photographers, this course is a great way to kick-start your photographic journey, whether it’s a hobby or you’d like to become professional in the future.

Over the two day course we’ll cover the following topics:
Light – understand the colour and behaviour of light (natural, artificial, direction, shape, form and quality)
Camera settings – explore advanced settings and commands on DSLR cameras
Lenses – learn about lens selection, accessories and fine adjustment of your lens and focusing
Advanced Focus – learn about hyperfocal distance and how to take sharp images of still or moving objects
Light Meter – metering your subject and metering modes explained in depth
Accessories – learn about camera accessories which can enhance photographs including reflectors, diffusers and light shapers.
White Balance – understand how to achieve correctly colour balanced images
Exposure – all advanced exposure techniques covered including exposure bracketing, exposure compensation and the magic triangle dynamics
Histograms – learn how to read the histograms and benefit from this info to achieve better balanced exposures
Flash – how to achieve greater images using your flashgun / speedlite
Filters – understand the effects and appropriate use of different filters for different types of photography (fashion, portrait, landscape etc)
Composition Techniques – understand the compositional elements of a photograph and how they can be used to create stronger images

What is included

  • Unlimited After Course Support.
  • This Photography Course covers both compact cameras and digital SLR (single lens reflex).
  • Camera hire free of charge!

What to bring

  • If you do not own a camera you are welcome to attend the course and hire one of our DSLR cameras free of charge!
  • Comfortable shoes

Please note

For the Advanced Photography Course you will need a digital SLR camera or a professional compact camera with full manual exposure. You will also need good knowledge of how to use it and a basic knowledge of shutter speed, aperture, camera lenses and ISO.
If you don’t currently own your own camera you are welcome to use one of our spares. Please notify us in advance if you will need to hire a camera so we can make sure we have one available for you to use throughout the course.

About your Localist


We want to inspire as many people as possible to develop their photography skills. We also have a reputation for our unrivalled customer service – we’re always here to help. We will even borrow you a camera and other equipment for the duration of your course if you need it!

If you’re ready to join the Photoion family, get in touch with us today about booking the right course for you.


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