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  • Multi-award winning professional photographer at your disposal
  • Learn how to shoot photos at night
  • Photographic gear can be supplied or you can bring your own!
  • Includes smartphone photography
  • From Albert Bridge (Battersea Park) to the Tower Bridge
  • Explore London with someone who lives here
  • Discover London at night from a photographic point of view
  • Find the correct night mode for photography
  • Price includes up to 4 people

What to Expect

Multi-award winning professional photographer Mario Bucolo will teach and guide you how to shoot great night photos while you discover the shimmers and elegant curves of the River Thames in London.

From the Albert Bridge in Battersea to the Tower Bridge, all on the riverside of the Thames, we will...

What is included

  • Discovering London riverside by night, from Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge
  • How to shoot photos during the night, capturing water reflection etc.
  • Multi-award winning professional photographer as a guide and teacher
  • A professional camera, tripod and head to use if you don't have yours
  • Lessons on how best to shoot with smartphones
  • 3 hours walking (using Uber from Battersea Park to Lambeth Bridge (Uber cost NOT included)

What to bring

  • Good walking shoes.
  • Clothing according to weather.
  • A camera. If you don't have a camera I can supply one.
  • A tripod. If you don't have a tripod I can supply one.

About your Localist


Multi-award winning professional photographer.
Mario has been a professional photographer since 2007, he loves to teach photography and help people discover landmarks and hidden gems around London. His photos have received several international awards.


  • English

$ 51 p.p. if 4

Max 4 People

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