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  • Get creative and customise your own individual statement piece
  • A Hands on and productive workshop with exciting results

What to Expect

Our team will show you the "shabby chic" method & finishing off with a wax to give that silky smooth finish, we will then choose beautiful stencil to create our own individual statement piece.. We have a variety of options to bringing your own small piece of furniture. Please...

What is included

  • All materials are provided on the day.
  • 2 hour hands on workshop

What to bring

  • Why not bring a friend or family to enjoy the experience which will last approx 2 hours
  • This workshop is suitable for all levels.
  • Please wear suitable clothing and gloves.

Please note

Please make sure your item is small as we are limited on time to paint and we want everything to be taken home dry. Please make sure it is no bigger than 35 x 20 x 15 inches approx. No book shelves, sideboards. desks, cots, large coffee tables, as we are up stairs and are limited on time to finish painting.
All places must be purchased as there is not enough room for watchers to sit in.

About your Localist


Hello creative Friends :)
Let me introduce myself, I'm Tanya and I have been running a number of very popular and fun courses in DIY shabby chic furniture for all ages with great success in the Brighton and Hove area and would love for all you budding interior designers to join me at one of my workshops.
Tanya & the Team x


  • English

$ 128 p.p.

Max 10 People

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