+ Legg til på ønskelisten


  • Local knowledge
  • A nice walk to see the best city spots
  • Learn how to easily get around the city
  • Learn basic greetings and phrases


We will meet at a nice local café in the center of my city. I will bring a map and explain how you easily can travel around. I will give you tips about hidden gems, beautiful spots and nice restaurants. We will have a nice chat and you can ask...

Hva er inkludert

  • One coffee or mineral water
  • One hour chat with a localist
  • Get knowledge about the best cultural spots

Ha med

  • Open mind and maybe a notebook
  • Good walking shoes

Om localisten


I worked freelance as an actress and a singer in Oslo the last 8 years, so if you are interested in theatre, musicals, concerts and other cultural happenings, you should contact me for a meeting! I also know a lot of good spots for dining, drinking, walks and shopping.

Hope to hear from you!


  • English

$ 27 p.p.

Maks 6 deltagere

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Kontakt Gabrielle

1. Forespørsel

Når du klikker på Forespørsel setter du tiden og dagen du ønsker at aktiviteten skal begynne.

2. Betaling

Localisten vil respondere på forespørselen innen 48 timer. Vi reserverer hele beløpet på kredittkortet ditt, men du vil ikke bli belastet før localisten har akseptert bestillingen.

3. Din sikkerhet

Betalingen blir ikke sendt til localisten før etter at aktiviteten er gjennomført så du trenger ikke bekymre deg for at pengene skal bli borte.

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