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  • Old classic bars
  • try out Nyama Choma (Kenyan style grilled meat)
  • Local Herb Cocktails
  • Enjoy Local Dance Spots

What to Expect

Join me on a fun night out in my city. We will visit 3 different bars over the course of the evening. Each bar has a unique history and atmosphere. You will have the chance to have local snacks like samosas, mshikaki (kebabs) and much more. very awesome atmosphere for...

What is included

  • Visit 3 different bars
  • Enjoy 2 drinks per bar
  • Nyama Choma and snacks
  • free entrance
  • Pick up/drop off at your hotel in Nairobi

What to bring

  • camera
  • Extra money for drinks and extra snacks
  • Dance shoes for those who care to dance

Please note

Age limit: 18 years

About your Localist


Hello. My name is Nicholas.
I am born and raised in Kenya. I have briefly lived in Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa.
I am very passionate about travel, nature and anything outdoor thrill. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences.
I am talkative and an extrovert.

I know my streets, and would like to show them to you.


  • English

$ 80 p.p.

Max 10 People

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