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  • program on how to get you in knockout form
  • intensive boxing training with experienced boxer
  • learn about balance and agility
  • combination of boxing exercises, fitness and strength training

What to Expect

Boxing is good exercise for the whole body. Boxing is a high-intensity exercise that allows you to burn calories quickly and efficiently compared to other forms of fitness, more efficient than running.

Boxing works as well as fitness training and strength training, thus it is a very beneficial form of...

What is included

  • experienced boxing trainer
  • equipment
  • 60 minutes boxing traning
  • Step-by-step program that can get you in knockout form

What to bring

  • waterbottle
  • Bandage

About your Localist


Jeg har vært aktiv bokser i 13 år, flere ganger NM mester og vunnet kongepokal i tillegg til internasjonale seiere fra turneringer i hele Europa. Jeg har vært proffbokser de siste 4 år, og har jobbet som boksetrener på helsestudio.
Jeg garanterer å få deg i form, og gi deg tips angående kosthold.


  • English
  • Norsk
  • Pусский

$ 64 p.p.

Max 8 People

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