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  • The Royal Mile
  • The Grassmarket
  • Greyfriars Bobby
  • The Scott Monument
  • A tour with mesmerising panoramic city views
  • Explore Scotland on the run. Why walk.... when you can run!
  • We go where the tour buses can't and you will see more on a running tour than you would on a walking tour!
  • St Giles Cathedral
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Holyrood Palace
  • Scottish Parliament
  • Holyrood Park

What to Expect

For a tour with breath taking views over Edinburgh look no further. This tour will set your heart racing (perhaps due to a wee hill), and will leave you in awe at the incredible beauty of Edinburgh, gracing us with views beyond Edinburgh and over to Fife.

We believe to truly experience and connect with your surroundings you must sweat in them :-)

We are passionate about running and exploring new places, in an environmentally sustainable manner. Running tours are the perfect opportunity to keep fit, see the sights and learn a little bit about your surroundings. Our running tours allow you to get your bearings, exercising your heart and brain at the same time.

Our aim is to provide you with insight and show you the beauty of your surroundings. We will guide you along fabulous routes and point out places of interest during your running tour. We like to laugh, so there is always optional silliness and plenty of pictures along the way (life is too short to be serious!)

We go where the tour buses can't and you will see more on a running tour than you would on a walking tour, so lace up your trainers! Life without running, fun and adventure is a mere existence. Why walk.... when you can run!

What is included

  • Our guides are all qualified running leaders
  • 1-2 hour guided running tour throughout the picturesque and historically rich city of Edinburgh
  • 5 mile guided run

What to bring

  • Suitable running gear
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • bottle of water

About your Localist


We are extremely passionate about running and the outdoors and we want to share this with you, whilst having fun at the same time.

We go where the tour buses can't and you will see more on a running tour than on a walking tour. Keep fit and sight see at the same time!

Why walk.... when you can run! Come and join us for an interesting and great fun way to keep fit and simply the best way to explore Scotland.


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$ 28 p.p. if 2

Max 2 People

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