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  • Discover hidden areas and lesser known streets around Brick Lane.
  • Learn about the area’s rich history of multiculturalism and radical politics.
  • Experience the area’s recent gentrification from a new perspective.
  • Christ Church.
  • Spitalfields Market.
  • Brick Lane Mosque.

What to Expect

Your guide:
Hi, my name is Pete and I’m originally from Manchester. I moved to Brighton in 1997 and went to the University of Sussex where I got a degree in Psychology.

I left for London in 2005 as I found a well-paid job in advertising, and it seemed that I would have a career for the foreseeable future. When I started the job, I found that boss was an absolute tyrant and if I didn’t shave every day (I hate shaving) then he would say that I looked like a tramp.

I was regularly meeting my targets and he would still harass me about small things. Eventually, I flipped and told him where to stick his job. I subsequently lost all my benefits as I left the job “voluntarily” and found myself in the street shortly after.

I went looking for jobs but the lack of a good reference was a barrier. Since then I have been sleeping rough and squatting while working weekends on Brick Lane market, which I feel is my home and I would be delighted to show you around my neighbourhood.

The tour:
Join Pete on his fascinating walking tour taking in the sights and sounds of Brick Lane and the lesser known streets of this vibrant community.

This multicultural area, a primer for trade unions, women’s equality and the Labour party is no longer a melting pot of the poor but now trendy and expensive.

Hear about the sinister tales of Jack the Ripper and the philanthropists that changed the face of the east-end, and the world. Visit a Mosque that has had a very long, multi-faith history and a school with a ghastly secret.

Hear about a truly engrossing mystery involving a man’s disappearance from a room locked from the outside, and the legacy left by the different waves of immigrants to this most fascinating part of the East End.

The tours have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence 2015 with over 400 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and has also won an Ethical Award from The Observer.

What is included

  • 2-hour walking tour.
  • Local expert guide.
  • Learn about Pete's personal experience of homelessness in London.

What to bring

  • A camera to capture your memories.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.

About your Localist


We are a Social Enterprise working with homeless, ex-homeless and vulnerably housed Londoners.


  • English

$ 18 p.p.

Max 5 People

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