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  • Unique opportunity to take part in building a dry stone wall
  • 'Hands-on' outdoor activity, learning building aspects of using natural stone without mortar
  • From placing foundation stones upto first lift and laying 'through' stones
  • Continuing second lift upto and setting top stones

What to Expect

These workshops are excellent value and are a practical introduction to the heritage and the craft, of building using stone without mortar. In addition, you also receive an extensive discussion overview, packed with tips and information regarding the construction of other dry stone walling features.

Retaining walls, raised flower beds, bridge, stone/timber seating, stiles and further garden features if, time allows !!

At the end of the workshops you will :- be able to safely and confidently set out and construct a dry stone wall or basic feature - understand DSW heritage and terminology used - distinguish various stone shapes, material and it's uses -

We provide free:- all materials, equipment, tools, eye protection, gloves, personal facilities, extensive selection of descriptive handouts/brochures and 'Certificates of Achievement' .

Ensure you wear suitable outdoor clothing and stout safety footwear and bring packed lunches.

All our trainers are certificated by the Dry Stone Walling Association.

These practical, outdoor workshops are an inspiration for: DIY enthusiasts, landscape gardeners/designers, persons looking for an interesting outdoor activity. They are suitable for all persons over the age of 16yrs.

What is included

  • All material provided along with tools and protective saftey items
  • Personal facilities available

What to bring

  • Bring packed lunch
  • suitable footwear for example hiking boots/shoes
  • Suitable loose fitting appropriate older clothing

Please note

Age: +16 years

About your Localist


I am a professional waller, registered with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain


  • English

$ 90 p.p.

Max 6 People

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