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  • Great works of Russian artists
  • Surprisingly beautiful works
  • Progressive Russian art
  • A place for art lovers in Moscow

What to Expect

As an artist I am happy to show you our gallery.

Store Gallery is an excellent approach to the promotion of art to the viewer, the desire to build a system of relations between people and art. The gallery is completely focused on the visitor, which is its absolute value...

What is included

  • A cup of fragrant coffee

What to bring

  • Good mood

About your Localist


I am an artist, I draw pictures in the multi-layer Flemish technique of painting.
I would love to tell you and show you the work of amazing artists, as well as my work.

Я художник. Рисую картины в многослойной фламандской технике живописи. С большим удовольствием расскажу и покажу вам работы удивительных художников, а также мои работы. Также мы посетим соседний салон великолепных работ из фарфора таких производителей как Россия, Англия, Германия, Япония, Венгрия.


  • English
  • Pусский

$ 35 p.p.

Max 8 People

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2. Payment

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3. Security for you

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