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  • Wonderful for nature walk
  • Tropical rivers and waterfalls
  • Bird watching
  • Local bazaar on Sundays

What to Expect

Karura forest is the place to be on a Sunday, this is where the Nairobians go for a day out of the city. If you want it more quite, choose another day than Sunday!

There is trails for walking, jogging and biking. Its a great place to bring your sweetheart for a romantic afternoon. There is more than 10kms of easily walkable trails, passing through a varied tropical forest. You will find caves, which are considered to be sacred by many, and steeped in Kenyan history then the caves were formerly used by the Mau-Mau freedom fighters as hideout
The forest hosts around 200 species of birds, as well as butterflies and monkeys.

There is an old chimney incinerator – used by the Central Bank for the burning of decommissioned currency up until the mid-1990′s,

There is a very good restaurant where you can enjoy dinner and wine at a reasonable price and with a nice view over the forest.

What is included

  • Safari van with 7 window seats, good space and where safety is given priority
  • Professional tour company with highly trained staff, to give you an unique local perspective of the African culture
  • Transport to and from your hotel in Nairobi

What to bring

  • Good shoes
  • Entry fee for non-residents is ksh 600 for adults and 300 for children

Please note

Opening hours 6am - 6pm.
Its possible to rent bikes, To hire a bike is ca ksh 500 for 2 hours.

About your Localist


I am proud to be a Kenyan and I love my work. I love to show people around my country. My team and I offer unforgettable tours and safaris, where you will discover the best of Africa.
We pride ourselves in our professional service and personal relationship to our clients. With 25 years of experience, we can give you a unique local perspective on African culture.



  • English

$ 34 p.p. if 7

Max 7 People

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