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  • Low ratio instruction to maximize hands on climbing experience
  • Achieve what you may never have imagined
  • Overcome you fear of heights
  • learn the skills needed to climb safely and effectively

What to Expect

This outdoor rock climbing taster is an ideal starting point for those with little or no prior experience of rock climbing. The Peak District contains some of the best and most accessible rock climbing in the UK which means our experienced instructors can always find the right location and level...

What is included

  • With complimentary tea & coffee, parking and wifi.
  • Equipment including harness, helmet, rock shoes, ropes and belay devices
  • Climbing routes, Climbing guidebooks, 'Head Games'

What to bring

  • packed lunch
  • your own rock shoes or you can hire a pair
  • suitable clothing that will keep you warm and dry in most weathers
  • Some sturdy footwear for walking to and from the climbing areas

Please note

Suitable for ages 18+ years.

London Train Connection Details:
If necessary it is possible to travel up to the course on a weekend by getting an early train on Saturday morning.

About your Localist


My name is Guy. I´m an experienced outdoor enthusiast spending all of my free time in the mountains. I have climbed all over the world including the European Alps, Greenland, Alaska, USA, India and Nepal. Our mission is to provide world-class training and outdoor experiences that are safe, accessible and enjoyable by providing quality innovative training and inspiring adventures.


  • English

$ 114 p.p.

Max 20 People

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