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  • Taste delicious British flavours.
  • We will do a tasting of fresh English craft beer and tasty English tapas.
  • See one of the most famous English chocolate shops in Soho.
  • A brilliant British breakfast.
  • Explore colourful ingredients in Borough Market.
  • Refreshing English wine tasting.
  • A brief stop in the famous Fortnum & Mason.
  • London’s oldest cheese shop – eat flavourful English cheeses on a tasting session.

What to Expect

Inspired by the world of flavours found in Britain, many local Brits are creating their own spectacular eateries, where they can show off their local ingredients, local dishes, and British culinary skills.

The movement to keep ingredients sustainable and local is taking over Britain and this tour aims to explore the British flavours from the farmers in the market to the shops to the actual locales that are coming up with these incredible, new cooking concepts.

Britain hasn’t always had the best reputation for gourmet cooking. Aside from Tea, Beer and Fish & Chips, many visitors to London don’t even know what to consider “British Food”! But no other country welcomes international food with the enthusiasm of Great Britain. Everywhere you look, you can see rich varieties of world flavours – Britain truly has it all. Food has now become one of the biggest trends in the UK – changing the entire culinary scene.

As much as Brits enjoy eating the flavours of the world, a new wave of fabulous restaurants are opening with incredible concepts – and they are 100% British! The international influence in food has led to an incredible new-found British interest in creating their own culinary fusions, causing many foodies to take traditional international recipes to the next level with local flare. On this tour, you will discover this local flare on a number of levels – starting in the markets and finishing in one of London’s most incredible British chocolate shops.

Our British food adventure will show you how keeping it local and sustainable is more important now than ever before in the UK.

The farm-to-table concept is something that is taking over the world from North America to Europe. Our tour is meant to show this process, starting with the products.

We will have a lovely British breakfast at a British restaurant that is so proud of their farm-to-table roots that they can proudly brag that every single thing in their restaurant is 100% British. Then, we will wander into Borough Market – where you will have time to explore the market after we do a few tastings together and meet some local producers. We will finish our market experience with a delicious English wine tasting session.

After the market, we will take the tube together over to Mayfair – the home of fabulous, posh restaurants – where we will see a number of historic culinary establishments that are still thriving after hundreds of years.

We will do a brief stop in the famous Fortnum & Mason, before heading to London’s oldest cheese shop – where we will have an incredible English cheese tasting session.

After the cheese-tasting, we will head into Soho – the restaurant headquarters of London – to see how British-owned restaurants are taking over this famous, old borough.

To really get the full experience of how products go from farm to table, we will stop in a hidden courtyard, where we will enjoy a tasting of English craft beer and English tapas.

The grande finale of the tour will be our visit to one of the most famous English chocolate shops in Soho, where we will try some award-winning chocolate truffles.

What is included

  • 10 tastings in 7 locations.
  • 3.5-hour walking food tour.
  • Local expert food guide.

What to bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • An hungry appetite for incredible food.
  • Camera for photos and food selfies.

Please note

Please inform us of any dietary requirements.

About your Localist


Whether you are a food lover or simply interested in experiencing a food tour, here you will get a unique gastronomic adventure with a wide variety of delicious foods – sharing the history, cultures, and stories that come with those foods.

We are not just tour guides, we are “food lovers” and our mission is to help you to experience and taste London’s incredible cosmopolitan flavours. Most importantly, through exploring foods, you also explore cultures!


  • English

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